Celebrating Redemption

A beautiful lady at our church just celebrated five years of being drug free. In writing her heart to God, she composed the following, which I want to reprint as a tribute to the great work God is doing in lives around the world:

I’m no longer a recovering addict, I have been set apart
Ever since I asked my Lord and Savior, Jesus, to come into my heart.
No longer do I read the secular self-help books sold in stores across the nation.
I’m no longer a recovering addict, I’m in the process of sanctification!
No longer do I believe the lie, the lie of low self-esteem.
I’m no longer a recovering addict,
for by the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am redeemed!
Christ died for all mankind, no exceptions or exemptions.
By God’s grace,
I’m not here to celebrate recovery,
I’m here to celebrate Redemption!

To GOD be the glory forever!

~Lynn Irby

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Redemption

  1. This is true. Addicts are being told “Once an addict, always an addict.” But God promises victory! He promises all things are become new–the old is passed away. (Reformer’s Unanimous says the same thing.) Praise the Lord for Lynn Irby. We’re seeing God work here, too.

    • That’s what I loved about this verse–it’s a verse of triumph, not defeat! In Christ we really can consider ourselves free from sin. Praise God for His mighty work all over the place!

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