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In Friday’s post, “When is it wrong to be a living sacrifice?” about Romans 12:1, which refers to our being “holy” as living sacrifices, I commented that it seems that holiness is rarely defined. Well, here is a brief definition, one that is easy to remember.

“God wants to align you with His heart,” but it is all by faith, faith in Jesus Christ, who has already accomplished all our holiness. None of it is by our own works, only by His.

There is great joy to be found in that.

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Thank you!

A sister in the Lord
A sister in the Lord

Bless your heart Rebecca! so true! reminds me of this stmt… good people will sacrifice themselves to benefit others and evil people will sacrifice others to benefit themselves…

cindy burrell

Amen. (I’m gonna write this one down…)

Leslie Hatton
Leslie Hatton



Love it! I came out of the Oneness Pentecostal movement which is most notably know for their Holiness, otherwise known as being part of the Holiness movement.

We defined Holiness as a dress code – women didn’t wear pants, makup, cut / color their hair, men didn’t wear t-shirts, shorts or facial hair. We propped it up with self pride saying, “This is how the world will know we are the TRUE church.”

We forgot Holiness can only be achieved by having His Holy Spirit and allowing it to direct us. It wasn’t a predefined dress code and ritual someone years ago decided was the only way we could dress or perform.

Thank God for real wisdom and truth. Thank you!