Bible journaling before Bible journaling was cool

I’ve made references to my Bible journaling in a few of my posts through the years, primarily here and here and here. I even blogged about it for Desiring God. But recently I came across this story written in March of 2000. 


It  was on the choir tour bus during my junior year of college that a young man I greatly admired challenged me about my devotional life.

“I don’t think it’s right,” he said, “to read the Bible just looking for one verse that sticks out for the day, for a shot in the arm, a spiritual vitamin pill. The Bible is God’s Continue reading “Bible journaling before Bible journaling was cool”

Greenville Woman Cannot Bear Evil, Leaves Primary Love. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

January of 2016 was a time of soul quiet for me. I posted almost nothing on any social media outlet, and I spent a lot of time with the Lord.

One thing He showed me was that this passage from Revelation 2, written to the church of Ephesus, fit me almost exactly:

“I know your works and your labor and your patience

and how you cannot bear them which are evil: [Yes, He’s got that right.] Continue reading “Greenville Woman Cannot Bear Evil, Leaves Primary Love. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.”

Note to self: Stop saying “I can’t”

At some point in my life—not that long ago, I’m afraid—I realized I said these two words a lot.

I can’t memorize like I used to. I can’t keep anything in my head for more than about ten seconds.

I can’t take on one more thing. Really, I would love to, but I just can’t.

I can’t do this by myself, people.

I just can’t break this sin pattern.

At some point—don’t remember what God used to turn on the light—I realized Continue reading “Note to self: Stop saying “I can’t””

How much of a day of rest should Sunday really be?

When we left my Independent Fundamental Baptist roots (not because of rules so much, or a particular bad experience, but because in our study of the Bible, some of our beliefs had changed so fundamentally that we no longer fit), in searching for where we belonged in the world of Christendom, we ended up in a Reformed Baptist church.

Reformed Baptists, with their peculiar brand of legalism, quite different from Continue reading “How much of a day of rest should Sunday really be?”

Airing my dirty laundry at Bob Jones University

How was it that I had begun to take certain wrongdoing so lightly? How was it that I could justify theft?

I was a graduate assistant at Bob Jones University. That meant while I was taking my grad classes, I was also working thirty hours a week at Bob Jones University Press to pay my school bill.

Except there came a point where I wasn’t working. I don’t know how it happened, really, Continue reading “Airing my dirty laundry at Bob Jones University”

The Heavenly Man: Revival in China . . . and Iran

I first posted this piece in February of 2010. Update on it below!


I’ve been reading The Heavenly Man to my two teenagers at lunchtime. This book, which deeply influenced me three years ago, is about the great revival that took place in China in the 1970s and 1980s, in the very midst of the spirit-numbing Cultural Revolution. When people heard about the salvation of Jesus Christ and embraced Him, then giving their lives for Him seemed like a reasonable sacrifice. It was a no-brainer.

Over and over again, while I’m reading, I stop, with tears in my eyes Continue reading “The Heavenly Man: Revival in China . . . and Iran”

The “Peace Child” story for a new generation

I recently had the privilege of doing a storytelling event for a children’s church group, from one of my books of true missionary stories. This story was first published in Peace Child by Don Richardson, and comprises two chapters in the book Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia.

This photo essay is also being published today at Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories, the website for my children’s books. Keep scrolling down to see the whole story.

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