The “Peace Child” story for a new generation

I recently had the privilege of doing a storytelling event for a children’s church group, from one of my books of true missionary stories. This story was first published in Peace Child by Don Richardson, and comprises two chapters in the book Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia.

This photo essay is also being published today at Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories, the website for my children’s books. Keep scrolling down to see the whole story.

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For shame, beautiful Botkins

With the very first issue of Patriarch magazine twenty years ago, my husband eschewed the Patriarchy Movement. Every since then, I’ve followed it from afar, often with concern, especially upon finding that some patriarchal churches wanted to keep unsaved people out, lest their children be tainted.

It was with grief that I saw recently that one of the Patriarchs of Patriarchy had fallen, and his organization, Vision Forum, along with it. I say grief, not because Continue reading “For shame, beautiful Botkins”

Maintaining a false unity

CJ Mahaney, former head of Sovereign Grace Ministries

I’m learning about some pretty horrific stuff that’s been allegedly going on in the Sovereign Grace Ministries circles. Not that I was unfamiliar with the problems there—SGM Survivors have been blogging since about 2007, and I’ve known about the blogs and occasionally looked at them. But recently the details have been described more graphically, and the case is going to court. With Facebook, especially, the situation has become ever more public. Continue reading “Maintaining a false unity”

The Prayer of Jabez, revisited

PrayerOfJabezWhen a theme is trendy, I tend to avoid it. For good or ill, my gut reaction is if everybody’s doing it, to back off. Shucks, I probably wouldn’t have even followed Jesus when He was on earth, because of all those crowds.

That’s why it took me about eight years to read The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. When it first came out and was all the buzz, I scorned it and turned up my nose. Then, in 2009, when I saw it on the rack at a dollar store, I shrugged and picked it up. It wasn’t trendy any more, and besides, it was my price. Continue reading “The Prayer of Jabez, revisited”