Thirsty yet?

Ho! Every one that thirsts! Come to the waters . . . Drink!

New Year’s Resolution #2,011: Drink more water.

Have you ever noticed that you can systematically drink less and less water, way less than your body needs, without feeling thirsty? Counterintuitive, I know. But that thirst mechanism behind your throat sort of atrophies or something.

And lots of people, when they do feel any thirst, go to coffee or soda to try to assuage it. Of course those beverages actually drain water from your system.

And as that thirst mechanism shrivels up, sometimes when people are thirsty they think they’re hungry, and then they eat . . . and eat . . . and eat . . . while they’re actually dying of dehydration. Continue reading

Where does your mind go?

I was a young mother. She was an older woman. Her question was rhetorical, addressed to the whole group. But maybe you’ve had one of those moments where the question addressed to the whole group zings like an arrow right to your own heart.

Where does your mind go . . . when you let it go?

I knew the answer. At that time in my life, the answer was Continue reading